jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

Horror Story


Monsterpiece - 2001

01.-13 Moons
02.-Blood White Wolves
03.-Brotherhood Of Blood
04.-Conscience Of The Wolf
05.-The Devil May Care
06.-I War Black
07.-MR Monster
08.-Magic Murder Show
09.-Planet Horrorstory
10.-Rock'n'Roll Graveyard
11.-Rock'n'Roll Frankenstein
12.-Silence In Hell
13.-War 'fucked up and crazy version'
15.-MR. Monster Strikes Back
17.-Your Turn To Burn (bonus)


Graverobbers From Outer Space - 2003

01. Devil Girl From Mars
02. Angel With Silver Wings
03. That Ghoul You Call A Girl
04. Night Of The Bat
05. Dead Of Night
06. Dark Fun
07. Tombstone
08. Urban Horror Story
09. Chainsaws In Texas
10. Blood White Wolves
11. Thirteen Moons
12. Mr. Monster
13. Magic Murder Show
14. Transylveniac
15. Rock N Roll Frankenstein
16. Demon
17. Rock N Roll Graveyard
18. Brotherhood Of Blood
19. Devil May Care


Bride Of The Monster - 2005

01.-Prelude: The Wolf
02.-Return of the Living Dead
03.-I Wanna Eat your Brains
04.-Stitched up Babydoll
05.-Dellamort Dellamor
06.-Full Moon at Midnight
08.-Saucers over San Francisco
09.-Horror Time
10.-Planet 13 Zombie Queen / Undead Girl
11.-It Came from Outer Space
12.-Corpse Flower
13.-The Slasher
15.-Dark End
16.-Psycho A-Go-Go


Sons Of Hell Island - 2007

01.-Sons Of Hell Island
02.-Be My Voodoo Doll
03.-13 Ghosts
05.-Bloodrinking 101
07.-Devils Juke Box


Songs From The Devil's Jukebox - 2009

01. Devils Jukebox
02. Midnight Monstershow
03. Cemetery Girl
04. Dead Season
05. Princess Dead
06. Vampires
07. Night Of The Wolf
08. Coffin Club
09. In Love With An Alien
10. Children Of The Dead
11. I, Zombie
12. The Hunger
13. Zombie Schoolgirls
14. Zombie Peepshow


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