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DMD comenzó la espiral descendente, en la miseria, el asesinato y lo grotesco en 1995 como Casa Diablo que publicó el primer y único disco. Poco después del lanzamiento la banda se tomó un descanso pequeña, y tras su regreso vino, el nombre DieMonsterDie junto con el nombre surgió una perspectiva completamente nueva física, mental y emocionalmente ... hasta el dia de hoy.

Los fans de DieMonsterDie general, resulta difícil clasificar el género de la música que tocamos, es .. rock shock, horror punk, metal, punk ... es simple, todo es de ellos.

DieMonsterDie han tenido la suerte de compartir el escenario con muchos amigos, familiares y / o bandas increíbles. Esta lista incluye: Type O Negative, Gwar, Celtic Frost, 45 Grave, Misfits, The Independents, Graves, Michael Graves, Dr Chud's X Ward, Koffin Kats, Hellbound Saints, The Red Chord, Genitorturers, Morttis, Calabrese, Zombeast, Dead By Day, Left For Dead, Spooky Deville, The Devil Bats, Impaler, The Groove Ghoulies, Shadow Reichenstein, Royal Dead, Maris The Great, Doom Tree, Death Becomes You, y muchas otras bandas ... que no han sido olvidados ... un poco.

DieMonsterDie han sido influenciados por mucha gente, y mucha de la música aquí es sólo una muestra de la influencia musical.Hellhammer, The Absence, GG Allin, Kiss, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, 45 Grave, Alice Cooper, Elvis, Misfits, Mad Sin, Nekromantix, Dir En Grey, The Crimson Ghosts, Balzac, Morrissey, The Clash, Ramones,Slayer y muchos más ...

Kill You [EP] - 1999

01. 120
02. A Million Years
03. Tornado
04. House Of The Devil
05. Alway's Walk Alone
06. Death From above


No Future For The Weak - 2000

01. A Million Years
02. Aloha From Mexico
03. Always Wack Alone
04. Can`t Survive The Pain
05. Coco Bongo
06. Coming Home
07. Death And Defecation (Cover gg allin)
08. Death Alive
09. Get It!
10. Hell Bound (House Of The Devil)
11. Tijuana Prison Song
12. Tornado
13. U.S.A.


What is Shall Always Be - 2002

01. 29 For The Road
02. A Bag Of Limestone a Crawlspace And You
03. Beneth a Blood Red Moon
04. Feed My Love
05. How Many People Do I Have To Kill Before You Know I Love You
06. Invaders From Beyond The Sun
07. Midnight Run To Houston
08. Monster Rise To Night
09. Return To Planet 8
10. Roll Rock And Roll
11. Sky Bleeds Red
12. World Needs Monsters


Get Blood - 2004

01. Hand Of Iron Fist Of Steel
02. A Million Years
03. Sky Bleeds Red
04. House Of The Devil (Hellbound)
05. Black Race Car
06. Gravedigger Girl
07. A Bag Of Limestone, A Crawlspace And You
08. 1.000 Corpses Walk the Earth
09. Tornado
10. Bob
11. When Dead Things Rise Again
12. How Many People Do I Have to Kill Before You Know I Love You
13. Flowers For Audrey
14. Rotting In The Attic
15. U.S.A.
16. Beneath A Blood Red Moon
17. Dead And Gone
18. Get It
19. Death and Defecation (GG Allin Cover)
20. Death From Above (Live)


Only The Dead Will Survive - 2005

01. One Night at Devils Rock
02. October Slowly Dying
03. This Is Suicide
04. Inside I Quietly Bleed
05. One Twenty-Two
06. When the Reaper Calls
07. So Violently the Night
08. Bleeding Wrists of Destiny
09. Can You Hear Satan Laughing?
10. Feast of the Living Dead
11. No Tomorrow for the Men of the Future
12. Black Is the Color of Darkness
13. Rock N Roll Super Monster
14. Tonight We Die


Honor Thy Dead - 2007

01. When Dead Things Rise Again
02. Drucilla's Ghost
03. Rotting In The Attic
04. Dead Alive
05. Black Death Sheds Its Skin
06. 1000 Corpses Walk The Earth
07. Tired
08. Sticky And Red
09. Charles Manson He's So Handsome
10. Christ's Head Rotting
11. Guns 'N' Booze
12. All Hail Atlantis
13. Gravedigger Girl
14. Formaldehyde And The Holy Ghost
15. Tomorrow Will Never Be
16. Hand Of Iron
17. Fist Of Steel
18. How Many People Do I Have To Kill Before You Know I Love You
19. Return To Planet 8
20. World Needs Monsters
21. A Bag Of Limestone A Crawlspace And You
22. Beneath A Blood Red Moon
23. Roll Rock And Roll


A Great & Terrible Loss - 2007

01. Intro
02. The Strange Mind of Phineas Gage
03. Lifless Are the Eyey'S
04. Red Weding Dress
05. Still Pink Inside
06. Human Heads in Funeral Jars
07. Within the Swamp There Dwells a Dead Thing
08. Invisible Hands
09. Life is a Series of Bitter Disappointments
10. The Creature From the Black Lagoon is Dead
11. 49 Minutes to Live
12. Another Million Years
13. You Can't Decompose Forever
14. Escape From Skull Island
15. Dogs Die All the Time
16. Where'S the Baby Elizabeth
17. The Dead Ones Remember


Ten Thirty Ten - 2010

01. Double Murder Suicide
02. Coming Home
03. Sky Bleeds Red
04. Rotting In The Attic
05. Red Wedding Dress
06. Lucky Number 666
07. Tornado
08. Inside I Quietly Bleed
09. Formaldehyde And The Holy Ghost
10. USA
11. Within The Swamp Dwells A Dead Thing
12. This Is Suicide
13. Alway's Walk Alone
14. Qui Quid Latine Dictum
15. Black Death Sheds It's Skin
16. Escape From Skull Island
17. Midnight Run To Houston
18. Tired, Sticky and Red
19. Deep Space Isolation Psychosis
20. Rock N' Roll Super Monster


Fall To Your Knees - 2010

01. Quid Quid Latine Dictum, Sit Altum Vidatur
02. Lyka The Russian Space Dog Will Have Her Revenge
03. Double Murder Suicide
04. She Looks Like You
05. Sky Bleeds Red
06. Lucky Number 666
07. Dead Flowers
08. All Covered in Blood, And Dressed Like a Whore
09. World Needs Monsters
10. Ship With Black Sails
11. From Screaming Graves We Rise
12. Midnight Run to Houston
13. A Priest And A Zombie Rent A Fishing Boat As Friends
14. Deep Space Isolation Psychosis
15. How Many People Do I Have to Kill Before You Know I Love You
16. The Dead Shall Inherit The Earth


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