domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

The Spook

Fright Night - 2001

01. The Giant Spider Strikes
02. Mantula
03. Fright Night
04. The Undead Call
05. Deep Lagoon


Some Like It Dead - 2002

01. Ready To Radiate
02. Midnight Run
03. You, Me And The Laboratory
04. Almost Alive
05. A Ghastly Romance
06. Some Like It Dead
07. Voodoo Mummy
08. My Beauty Died
09. Night Without An End
10. The Untold Story Of Gravelands, Karloffornia


A Night Without An End Live DV - 2005

01. Intro-The Giant Spider Strik
02. Ready To Radiate
03. You, Me And The Laboratory
04. Voodoo Mummy
05. A Night Without An End
06. Midnight Run
07. Fright Night
08. Ghastly Romance
09. The Undead Called
10. Mantula
11. My Beauty Died
12. Some Like It Dead
13. Deep Lagoon
14. The Untold Story Of Gravelands


Boneman - 2006

01. Boneman
02. Of Gods And Monsters


Let There Be Dark - 2007

01. Angels of a fallen kind (Intro)
02. Dark world debutante
03. Summernite stalker
04. Waitung for the kill
05. Side in
06. Crowgirl
07. Dying fires grace
08. What lies in shadows (Intermission)
09. The warning
10. Wax
11. Cold heart
12. Woe of your heart
13. Reanimated
14. Jane Doe


Fiend Force Fest - 2008

01. Crowgirl
02. Dying Fires Grace
03. Reanimated
04. Slide In
05. Summernite Stalker
06. Waiting For The Kill


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